Our Story

David and Alice

We’re David and Alice and together we created The Box. It’s full of puzzles and games you’ll love, but what’s most important is what happens around The Box.

The first Box we made was for families in hospital.

It gave them a reason to put down their phones. It helped them forget why they were in hospital. And, most importantly, it helped them remember how to laugh and have fun together.

We hope The Box helps you do the same, wherever you are and whoever you're with.

So who are we?

Alice + David around The Box

We met as teenagers and have been married since 2008. We live in South Manchester with our four amazing children, aged between 1 and 8.

Before founding Around The Box, Alice worked as an NHS nurse and hospital youth worker before becoming a full-time mum. Read more about Alice's story here.

David is a close-up magician, a Giggle Doctor, and a Magic Maker. Yes, those are all real job titles. Read more about David's story here.

Everything that has fascinated, taught, amazed, captivated, and interested David has helped form The Box. It is like having David's brain in a box (not literally).

As parents, we know as well as anyone that we are all looking for ways to connect and spend meaningful, enjoyable time with each other. Whether that is with the kids, or when we actually have some free time without them.

We’re passionate about joy. The Box is helping making our dream a reality; seeing joy being spread one day at a time. From our family to yours: have fun around The Box!

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