Our Story

David and Alice

We’re David and Alice and together we created The Box. It’s full of puzzles and games we know you’ll love, but what’s most important is what happens around The Box.

The first Box we made was for families in hospital – and it helped them to laugh and connect with each other in a new way. We hope it helps your family do the same, wherever you are.

Our niece Zoë Hope went to heaven in June 2017, having spent most of her life in hospital. She was a joy-bringer. To continue to spread that joy, as a family we have donated gifts, balloons and toys to local hospitals in her memory on her birthday.

And that’s the driving force behind our Box For A Box (B-FAB) mission. For every Box we sell we want to give one away, to help families in hospital remember how to laugh and have fun together in the face of some of life’s greatest challenges.

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We’re passionate about joy. The Box is helping making our dream a reality – seeing joy being spread one day at a time. As a family we know that ‘the joy of God is our strength.’

Alice worked as an NHS nurse and hospital youth worker before becoming a full-time mum. David is a close-up magician, a Giggle Doctor, and a Magic Maker. Everything David has been fascinated by, learned, amazed by, captivated by and interested in has helped form The Box. If you ask Alice, she would say it is like having David in a box (not literally).

We met as teenagers and have been married since 2008. We live in South Manchester with our four amazing children aged between 1 and 8.

From our family to yours: have fun around The Box!

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