David’s story: the best job in the world!

As a child I had two options, either to grow up or become a magician. I chose the latter, and have never looked back. Why would I? I have the best job in the world! I’d like to share a bit more about it with you.

Back in 2008, newly married, recently graduated, and on the brink of the recession, I decided it was now or never. I’d always wanted to do something unique and different for a career and as an Associate of the Inner Magic Circle I’d always been into unusual hobbies and interests, like origami, logic puzzles, and designing board games.

Taking a big leap of faith I launched my magic business, and started to perform at weddings and parties. It was so much fun seeing people captivated by what I could do, things quickly built up, and a successful business was born! Despite starting this new business in a recession, it appeared that people very much still needed to laugh and to be entertained.

Around this time a fellow magician told me about a wonderful organisation called Theodora Children’s Charity, who train up and then out send Giggle Doctors into hospitals across the UK. Because of their training and expertise, I’ve had the incredible privilege to entertain countless children and their families all around the country. This led on to me becoming one of their artistic co-ordinators for five years, where I then got to train Giggle Doctors in the UK, France, Switzerland and Turkey. As a professional magician, I’ve got to work in some pretty incredible places, had some amazing experiences working at Embassies, and performed for celebrities and footballers.

It doesn’t matter who I am performing to, people are all the same and I love seeing the awe and wonder on their faces as magic happens right in front of them.

Regardless of the background, age or situation of a crowd, I love to captivate people. But knowing the impact that I can make for a family in hospital is priceless. Having parents tell me that they haven’t seen their child smile for weeks until I came along means everything to me, to be able to use my passion and skills to bring joy where there was none is amazing. These are precious moments that I am privileged and honoured to be a part of.

Now, with four young children of my own at home, Alice and I try to laugh together a lot. I’ve learnt that laughter really is the best medicine. Whether at a wedding, as a performer in hospital, or a dad at home, we need to connect and laugh together. In lockdown and on the brink of another recession, my wife and I have launched Around The Box, a new business where I have incorporated many of my interests, curiosities, and joys into something that people can have at home to spark connection and laughter together.

As the idea for The Box was born out of my work with families in hospitals and seeing the huge difference I could make there, we have also developed a mission where people can donate The Box to their local hospital (B-FAB or Box For A Box). So often people are more connected with their phones than the person in front of them, they are together but not actually together. The Box is a way for people to bring people together. When we laugh and connect with each other the world is a more beautiful place.

I really do have the best job in the world!