Frequently Asked Questions

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Do the puzzles in The Box come with solutions?

The Box includes puzzles and games and comes with full instructions for making the most of what’s inside. We’ve included hints and clues rather than full solutions – it’s much more fun that way!

But, if you’re feeling completely stuck, you can visit the secret link included in your instructions booklet.


Is The Box ethically sourced?

It is! We’re committed to offering good value products with industry-leading quality standards, but never at the expense of any individual in the supply chain or an unacceptable environmental impact. We carefully assess our suppliers, covering everything from their ethical policy through to their ability to meet our product standards. Our suppliers observe their local laws in respect of wages, health and safety, welfare, and human rights. They do not condone the use of any forced or coerced labour (this include child labour). We source from suppliers in the UK wherever possible. Our suppliers are based in the UK and in China.


How does B-FAB work?

The first Box we made was for a family in hospital – and we want to see it continuing to bring hope and happiness to families in the same position. We keep a photographic record of each B-FAB Box, including details about where it is donated and by whom. We’re passionate about seeing people connect with one another.

The best way for you to donate a Box to a family in need is via the B-FAB scheme. Not only is it more cost-effective for you, it also means we can follow our strict procedures to ensure minimum disruption and maximum involvement of key hospital staff.


Can I give The Box as a perk for my work team? Is there a discount for bulk orders?

If you’re looking at ways you can treat your team while having an impact on families in hospital then you’re in the right place! Get in touch →


Who is The Box for?

The Box is a new collection of puzzles and games that are easy to learn, quick to play and fun for everyone. It’s a way to make a train journey, a family wedding, a holiday, a meal out or a night in into a memory for you all to share.

It’s perfect for a special date night in.

We believe that part of the beauty of The Box is that it’s quick to put up and to put down. It’s perfect for those moments in life where you'd otherwise be killing time on your phone, whether you’re in a restaurant waiting for you food to arrive or sat in a jam-packed hospital waiting room. It’s not something you can ‘finish’ or ‘complete’, but more of a way to make waiting enjoyable and fun.

If you do find yourself sat in a waiting room, why not challenge someone else sat near you to one of the challenges? You never know – you might even make a new friend!


Is The Box CE and EN71 certified?

We have strictly followed CE and EN71 certification to ensure that The Box is safe and compliant with all UK and EU laws.


What is the age range for The Box?

The Box is for families of all generations to enjoy. Families come in different shapes and sizes – you don’t need to have children around to enjoy The Box! It is not suitable for children under 36 months, and our age suggestion is 6+ to get full use out of the instructions.


Is The Box available in Canada and the United States?

Unfortunately, we cannot currently sell The Box in Canada and the US but sign up to our mailing list and hopefully we will in the not so distant future!