What's In The Box?

What is in The Box?

The first Box David ever made was for a hospital children’s ward in Manchester over 10 years ago.

"I saw families struggling to connect, dealing with a lot of anxiety and surrounded by illness and a lot of unknowns. They were in desperate need of something positive to focus on.

Time and time again I’ve seen the same thing happen...when The Box opens up, people do too. And rooms that were quiet, suddenly get a lot more life and laughter in them. It’s beautiful."

Designed to give a reason to put down your phone, The Box is designed to help anyone playing laugh and have fun together.

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When you buy The Box, you'll be receiving a modern compendium. Filled with totally unique games and puzzles, designed by our founders Alice + David, hours of fun await you and your loved ones. 

But what is in The Box?

Penguin Party: Game

Penguin Party is a unique game from Around The Box

Penguins Penny and Gwin love to party. Unfortunately, they each think the other penguin’s island is bigger and better! Can you skilfully flick the ice floes to help your penguin across the icy water to the other island? 

T-time: Puzzle

T-Time is a puzzling game in The Box

Seems simple enough, use the 4 beautifully crafted wooden pieces to form a straight line or T shape. But is anything ever that easy?

Measure Up: Game

Measure Up is a game in The Box

Who can build the tallest tower? And how are your balancing skills? There are a so many different ways to play this game, perhaps you can invent your own.

Rocket Launch: Puzzle

Rocket Launch is an original game you can find in The Box

One that children often find easier than the grown-ups, resulting in many giggles and often some frustrated adults! Can you take the rocket out of its house without touching the outside?

Curious Cube: Puzzle 

The Curious Cube is a frustratingly fun puzzle

This might be the one that causes you to hurl something across the room! Unravel the cube into a snake at your peril... you have to fold it back together again.

Hours of fun await you and your loved ones!