About The Box

The first Box I ever made was for a children’s ward in Manchester. I saw families struggling to connect, dealing with a lot of anxiety and surrounded by illness, diagnosis and a lot of unknowns. They were in desperate need of something positive to focus on.

The Box gave them a reason to put down their phones, it helped them forget why they were in hospital and, most importantly, it helped them remember how to laugh and have fun together.

I’ve been making boxes for 10 years now, packing up games and puzzles and sharing them with families in hospital. Time and time again I’ve seen the same thing happen...when The Box opens up, people do too. And rooms that were quiet, suddenly get a lot more life and laughter in them. It’s beautiful.

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Over the years I’ve realised that The Box isn’t just for families in hospital. It’s for all of us. So I’ve made a first edition of The Box for families everywhere...because I think we all want the same things as parents, whether our children are in hospital or not. We are all looking for ways to connect and spend meaningful, enjoyable time with each other.

The Box is a collection of games and puzzles that are easy to learn, quick to play and fun for all ages. It’s a way to make a train journey, a family wedding, a holiday, a meal out or a night in into a memory for you all to share.

You can buy one for your family, send one as a gift or donate a Box to a hospital in the UK. In all my years on the wards or as a dad at home, I’ve never regretted the time I spent playing games.

Play together more, open up The Box.

David Deanie, Head of Curiosity, Around The Box

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