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Stop The Press!

We always planned on launching our new business in Spring 2020, but we didn’t plan on doing it in the middle of a pandemic with our four young children at home.
As a start up, we have been over joyed with the response to our brand new company. Our story has been shared in the national press in Forbes Magazine, The Mail on Sunday, The Metro and The Sun and BBC radio.

Logos for Forbes, The Mail on Sunday, Metro, The Sun, BBC Radio Surrey, BBC Radio Sussex, BBC Radio Manchester

Forbes Magazine in a beautiful article all about hope and optimism and how small businesses overcome challenges with optimism.

The Mail on Sunday and Moneywise with a wonderful piece about companies sucessfully launching a business in the middle of lockdown.

The Metro newspaper about finances and launching a family business in the middle of lockdown.

The Sun included us in a piece about entrepreneurs who set up unique businesses during the global pandemic.

We love sharing our story about this unique new product.There is nothing out there quite like The Box and it is taking us on such an exciting journey!
We want to see families everywhere having fun around The Box!
Thanks for reading and sharing our news,
David + Alice