The Social Space

We'd love you to have the live Box experience, filled with laughter, fun and an element of magic.


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At each event we are part of you can pop by the Social Space and meet Alice and David. They'll be tailoring each activity based on age and ability level. Some moments are filled with silly fun and other moments are very frustrating puzzle solving.

"Who knew you could have so much fun with a post-it note."

The Box in real life - puzzles and games from entertainment experts


The Box was created to help people find connection away from a screen, and the Social Space aim to inspire you to have fun with your loved ones in a new way. Whether you're learning a new challenge using household objects, or even playing an escape game with your fingers, we guarantee you'll walk away with something you want to share with your loved ones.


"Mind. Blown."

The Box in real life - puzzles and games from entertainment experts


David is a self-professed game geek, as well as Magician by trade, so he and Alice aim to bring curiosity and exploration to their puzzles, games and challenges, followed by the complete satisfaction of solving them. That's not to be underestimated for how good it will make you feel!

"I heard laughter and had to come over to see what you were doing."




Whether you are solo, with your family or a group of friends we will create an experience that will leave your mind-blown!


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      Alice and David hosting live game and puzzles at the Around The Box Social Space
      If you want to bring curiosity and laughter to your event then the Social Space is what you need to gather a crowd, create a buzz and get people talking. Or if you are looking for bespoke event entertainment or ice breakers we can also help. 
      We are available for private, corporate and community events
      bringing a brand new form of highly interactive and unique entertainment.
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