Solo Play and Bonus Instructions

You’re by yourself and you still want to make the most of The Box? Awesome!

You’ll probably have noticed that you can easily play all of the games inside The Box by yourself, apart from Penguin Party.

Here are your special solo play instructions along with some fun bonus challenges.

And if you’re feeling stuck, why not phone a friend? You could even post them The Box to see if they can beat your records!

Penguin Party (solo)

Penguin Party + Tape Measure

Use the tape measure to put the islands a fixed distance apart (e.g. 30cm). Following the rules in the instructions booklet, use one of the penguins to try to cross the icy waters in the fewest number of flicks. Then, try to beat your record.

Start with three ice floes before trying with fewer! Don’t forget to share your score with your friends.

Rocket Roll

Rocket + Tape Measure

Balance the rocket on the tape measure. How far can you roll it? 10cm? 20cm?

Close your eyes. Can you place the rocket and base 25cm away from each other? Use the tape measure to check!

Measure Up

Penguin Party + Tape Measure + Your Hand

Put the tape measure face down on a table.

Can you pick it up at exactly the half way point?

Can you place the two penguins on the tape measure at exactly 25cm and 25"?

Rocket Catch

Rocket + Your Hand


When you launch the rocket from its base, can you catch it with your non-dominant hand?

Penguin Skittles

Rocket + Penguin x 2 + Ice Floes x 8

Stand the two penguins and eight ice floes up like skittles (the same layout as ten-pin bowling). 

Use the rocket as your ball and see how many you can knock down!

Power play: while solving the Rocket Launch puzzle, see how many you can knock over.

Penguin Pick Up

Penguin + Your Hand

How quickly can you put everything back in The Box using only the two penguins as tongs? Can you do it with only one hand?

Penguin Pyramid

Penguin + Rocket + T + Curious Cube

How high can you balance one of the penguins using all the other items in The Box? Use the tape measure to measure it!

The Table is Lava

Penguin + Rocket + T + Curious Cube

Put the ice floes and penguin islands flat on a table. Can you balance everything else from The Box on the ice floes and islands without them touching the table? Pieces can only touch the ice floes/islands and mustn’t stack on top of each other. How few ice floes/islands can you manage with?

Ice Tower

Rocket + Ice Floes x 8 + Penguin Island

Put the eight ice floes in a tower – one stacked on top another. Place the rocket in its base on top of your tower.

Use a penguin island to flick away the ice floe at the bottom of the tower. How many can you flick away before it all falls down?

Curious Cube Master

Curious Cube

Can you solve the curious cube with one hand?

How about your less dominant hand?

Can you solve it behind your back?

Can you solve it with your eyes closed?

Can you solve it using chopsticks?

Can you solve it with your feet?

T Total

T + Tape Measure

Using the four 'T Time' pieces, how tall can you build a free-standing structure? Current record: 24cm!

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