Postcard puzzles answers

How many squares can you count puzzle
Answer: lots!
The first answer is not usually right...
Clue 1:
Start with the smallest and finish with the biggest.
Clue 2:
4 small squares make up a larger square
Clue 3:
Rectangles dont count as squares!
Clue 4:
Ask someone else to count them...
Clue 5:
Do other people get the same number as you? Have you spotted all the same ones?
Clue 6:
Not sure we can give you any more clues...
Clue 7:
There are more than 30
Clue 8:
There are less than 100
Clue 9:
Ignore clue 8- it does not help
Clue 10:
You have made it this far- 40 is the number you are looking for!
How many triangles can you count puzzle
Answer: More than you think!
Clue 1:
Start with the top section of the triangle
Clue 2:
Ask someone for help
Clue 6:
Try putting 3 triangles together
Don’t give up
Clue 8:
The same shape is repeated 3 times
Clue 9:
We didn’t think you would need this many clues!
Clue 10:
Well done for making it this far- there should be 18 triangles but how many more if you include the tiny ones in the A’s!