Featured in ‘A Breath of Fresh Business Air’ by Michelle Ovens, in Forbes Magazine

Back in August Michelle Ovens from Forbes Magazine wrote a beautiful article all about how small businesses overcome challenges with hope and optimism. We were honoured to be featured as one of the businesses she held up as an example of this, and absolutely agree with her point that there is, “A gust of new business that is breathing life into communities and the economy.”


We’ve seen it all around us as we’ve been launching and growing our business this year, and its genuinely exciting to be a part of this new wave of entrepreneurs. There has never been a year like 2020, and we are so encouraged to see so many small businesses alongside us that are taking this year as an opportunity to grow rather than get overwhelmed by the challenges it has presented. As Michelle said, “Whatever the reason, there is a glimmer of hope here that we need to build on if we are going to recover both economically and as communities. Despite the phenomenal pressures put on small businesses throughout Covid-19, it is often in this community that I see the most hope. The natural inclination of entrepreneurs to be optimistic is a profound tonic to the challenges we face.”


As you know, we are all about togetherness. Our whole mission at Around The Box is to bring people together, to bring families together. We want to see you and those around you coming together to have fun, to enjoy life, whatever your circumstances. This year has shown us that even in the face of extreme adversity we can find joy in togetherness, whatever togetherness might look like right now. We’ve all had to get creative about how we connect with other people, and we are proud that Around the Box has been a part of that for so many families.


It has been amazing as a business as well to connect with so many new people this year, this small business community is an incredible place to be. We have met with such kindness and encouragement, it has really inspired us to keep on going and keep moving forward. And we’re so excited for what is to come next, to see more stories of hope and optimism as small businesses keep stepping up. As Michelle said in Forbes Magazine, “We would be lost without small businesses. There is a fresh breeze blowing through the business community and it needs our help to carry it on its way. Let’s make sure we do.”