The Importance of Play in Hospital Week

David’s job titles include: Giggle Doctor, Magic Maker and Resident Magician and he tells everyone he has the best job in the world!
For years he has been going into hospitals bringing wonder, fun and curiosity.
11th-17th October 2021 was Play in Hospital Week organised by National Association of Health Play Specialists (NAHPS).
Child playing with challenges, puzzles and games whilst in a waiting area of a hospital/doctors surgery
Over the years David has worked closely with Hospital Play Teams providing the highest standard of Specialist Hospital Entertainment.
The first Box he created was for a patient who asked David to leave something for them when he was not there entertaining.
Many years and countless test Boxes later we arrived at The Box and our B-FAB (Box for a Box) mission.
Challenges, puzzles and games to play and be entertained with in hospital. The First Box created was on the Teenage and Young Adult ward at our local Oncology Hospital
After a long 19 months, fully vaccinated and following Covid guidelines: David is heading back into hospitals next week 🥳. Throughout the pandemic he has run workshops online and provided virtual visits but he is so excited to be back doing what he loves.
Nothing beats face to face entertainment and we know the incredible job that hospital play teams and staff do to facilitate and bring the fun every single day.
As this is the end of National Play in Hospital week we want to salute and thank all those who bring play to children, teenagers, young adults and families in hospital!!
Never underestimate the power of play!!
son and dad playing Around The Box. Never Underestimate the power of play