The Best Game For Every Decade Of Your Life

We know you've been wondering what you should be playing based on how old you are. Haven't you?! No?!

As you know, here at Around The Box we're huge fans of playing screen-free games, but at different ages you want different things from the games you play.

These are our favourite game for every decade of life...

0-10 years old : Jenga

Whether you are a baby chewing a block, a toddler taking the greatest joy in knocking over the tower, or a little bit older and actually enjoying the game as it's meant to be played, Jenga provides so much fun! 

11-20 years old : S***head

Funny because of the name, yet requires some strategy and game experience. S***head is the favourite card game for tweens, teens, gap year kids and those still pretending they're 18...

21-30 years old : Cards Against Humanity

No friends getaway is complete unless you have ended up snorting a drink out of your nose thanks to a particularly politically incorrect answer. It's particularly fun to add your own cards into the mix (you can get a print out here).

31-40 years old : Risk

By now you have hopefully matured enough to move on to a game of pure strategy and ultimate frustration. No, we're not talking about the Curious Cube, but Risk. This is your chance to tactically conquer the world.  

41-50 years old : Uno

Let's face it, this decade is probably largely about getting your kids to actually sit down and spend some family time with you (screen-free). Uno is the ultimate classic family game, which can be played by anyone and is guaranteed to bring smiles all-round, much like Penguin Party.

51-60 years old : Catan

Time to spend some time with your partner and friends seeing who has soaked up the most strategy from life so far in order to build the best new settlement on the just-discovered island of Catan. 

61-70 years old : Trivial Pursuit

Anything that uses your acres of general knowledge is perfect for playing in your 60s. With all of your life experience you are ready and primed to win absolutely every game! Trivial Pursuit is a good bet for interesting and fun general knowledge questions. 

71-80 years old : Mahjong

You're probably retired by now so have a bit of spare time on your hands. Why now spend it learning the ancient Chinese game of Mahjong. Once you've mastered it you can travel to Asia to give it a go IRL, and then spend hours boring your children/grandchildren/friends on your Mahjong adventures. 

81-90 years old : Scrabble

A game of scrabble can while away an entire afternoon if you want it to, so it's perfect for spending some downtime with your friends and you can make it much more fun by including slang, either from your youth or trying to pick up on what the grandkids are saying. 

91-100 years old : Monopoly

We've waited until your 10th decade to include the classic Monopoly as we're hoping by now you'll be old enough not to tip the board when the game isn't going your way.

101+ years old : Dominoes

Once you've received your telegram from the Queen, you're probably looking for something a bit more relaxed to play. Dominoes is quick enough to fit in between lunch and your nap, and you can also have fun building a rally if your hands are steady enough.

Do you agree with our selection, or do you think it can be improved? Let us know over on your favourite social hangout:

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