Desert Island Games

You know how it is, all of a sudden you're washed up on a desert island with only your bag of 3 games for company. What would you choose to entertain you?

Naturally this is one of our favourite topics of conversation over our Sunday roast and it, inevitably, leads to a heated debate. It's harder than it sounds as obviously you have to be able to play alone, until you train the local wildlife in the rules of uno of course. 

Who will you agree with?


  1. Could it be anything other than Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed Island?! A brilliant way to pass time and it may even teach me how to survive in my new home.

  2. A very thick Where's Wally book. It's a classic and I never get bored of finding those mischievous characters... plus maybe you can make up your own games looking for all sorts of different things.

  3. Trivial Pursuit. I'll spend my days learning all of the answers, if I ever get rescued I'll be able to win every general knowledge quiz ever! Fingers crossed they bring back Who Wants To Be A Millionaire by then.


  1. The Box of course. Even though I invented the games, I still come up with new ways to play them every time I open it. I might even be able to create some sort of SOS signal using the contents!!

  2. French pétanque (boules) - it really does describe the noise the metal balls make - making the perfect game is a matter of patience and skill, which the desert island will provide me with plenty of time to perfect.

  3. A cricket bat & ball. Trying to keep bouncing the ball on my bat has already consumed MANY hours in my life, so it's guaranteed to provide me with plenty of entertainment on those long, sunny days... maybe I'll even beat the world record (though no one will be there to see!)

Now that you know ours, what would you choose? Maybe you'll provide some good fuel for next Sunday's debate!

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And if you do ever get marooned alone on a desert island, don't forget to use the sand as your puzzle-drawing canvas!