7 things you might not know about penguins

What's your favourite animal? Ask Alice and she will answer "Penguin" in the blink of an eye. In fact, she loves them so much, we made a game featuring them.

But even Alice didn't know some of these awesome facts...

  1. They all live down South.The Southern hemisphere is home to all wild penguins, but only 2 species live on Antartica. The rest are found in Argentina, Australia, Chile, the Galápagos Islands, New Zealand, and South Africa.

  2. The tallest penguins are as tall as a 6 year old.
    Beautiful Emperor Penguins grow to a height of around 115cm

  3. And the smallest are just 30cm tall.
    Little Blues are also nicknamed Fairy Penguins due to their tiny size and live in Australasia.

  4. Penguins sneeze salt.
    To remove salt from the water their prey is in, penguins have special glands to purify the water. The resulting salt is excreted or sneezed out.

  5. Penguin poo is visible from space.
    And it can be used by scientists to locate rafts of penguins and estimate population numbers.

  6. And you might get hit with it if you upset a penguin.
    Not just used for deterring predators, a penguin might hit you with some poop if it doesn't like what you're doing, like the Penguins at Edinburgh Zoo who didn't like all the attention the new Pandas were getting.

  7. Penguins love to party.
    They're really social creatures; with each other and also humans. This is especially true of Penny and Gwin, the penguins found in our game, Penguin Party.

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